Retail Inquiries

Interested in ordering our products for retail sales? Please submit your contact information and a brief description of your product needs.  Thank you!

Our cheese is cut and wrapped to order, ensuring that you receive the freshest possible product.  Our hard-working student employees strive to fulfill orders as promptly as possible. The processing requires approximately 8 business days. To better serve our clients we have clarified our ordering policy as follows. 

Tuesdays are the standard shipping/delivery/pick-up day. Orders confirmed by 2pm on Wednesdays will be ready for customer on the second following Tuesday after 12pm.  Expedited processing may be available upon request, but is not guaranteed.

We recommend a 45 day shelf-life for our cheeses.  Cheese often remains fresh for a longer period under optimal conditions, but the quality cannot be guaranteed by the creamery after 45 days post delivery.

We appreciate your support of the Cal Poly Learn by Doing products!