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We have reserved only the best for this special box!  Black Label Reserve features an assortment of our most sought after flavors.  Our newest cheese Triple Peak, is a brie style triple cream, soft ripened cow's milk cheese that is receiving rave reviews.  Our award winning Grand Gouda is always a favorite and we saved our sharpest cheddars for this box too.  Certain to sell out fast!

Packed in our signature Cal Poly box for your gift-giving convenience are two approximately 12oz packages of farmstead cheddar, one 7 oz. Alpine style wedge, and one Triple Peak 7 oz. wheel:

  • New! Triple Peak 
  • Award winning Grand Gouda
  • Sharp Highland Cheddar
  • Sharp White Cheddar

Our cheese is perishable and should be unboxed and refrigerated immediately upon arrival. It is packed in an insulated sleeve with an ice pack and we use expedited delivery to ensure the freshest possible product.  The ice pack may have thawed in transit and that is normal, but the cheese should still be cool and will maintain its quality.  Under proper refrigeration our cheese will last approximately 45 days.  Our new brie style Triple Peak is the exception and it will remain fresh for three weeks in the fridge.  It is typical for a Bloomy Rind cheese to have an edible fluffy white rind that continues to expand - just lightly pat it down before enjoying!

Please note that any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal value.